The idea that he can influence society is what led Luke Koenig to become an architect. His motivation is to become a person who designs spaces or buildings that have the  possibility to enhance the way people experience the world. Finding a place where he could learn and grow is something that Luke was looking for in his first position  out of school and K2Ms interview process really intrigued him. “I thought it was great how much K2M goes through to ensure that they are hiring someone who fits into the culture.” The people are what sets K2M apart and that is Luke’s favorite thing about being a K2Mr. “It seems that everyone genuinely cares about their work and coworkers.Despite my lack of experience, my coworkers have supported me and believed in me.

If given the chance to meet any famous person Luke would choose Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame. Luke is a huge fan of rock music and would love to meet this laid back and interesting songwriter and music.

Nurturing Relationships is Luke’s favorite Core Value and it shows in his personal life and relationship with his dad whom he bonds with over AC/DC.