We are an integrated, multidisciplinary design practice dedicated to creating places and spaces that elevate and engage the human spirit. Our best designs occur when we bring the right people together, away from distractions, for a focused period of time to transform concepts that achieve next-level impact in the space we create to help people flourish. We utilize creative people and subject matter experts, while leveraging cutting edge technology, to elevate sustainability and improve conditions for people, communities, businesses, and the environment.


Architecture inspires new approaches to common challenges that evolve with greater purpose how people use and experience space. Contextually we draw upon our senses, communities, and memories to define this. We are about connecting people and ideas by engaging, listening, questioning, and working in creative collaboration to produce high performance buildings. Leveraging technology, we create more innovative and sustainable solutions that are visually appealing, healthy, safe, comfortable, and more flexible places and spaces that are a pleasure to be in.


K2M Engineering balances environmental and economic needs with our architectural and interior design teams to provide holistic solutions that are reliable, sustainable, and resilient. Each project begins with our highly integrated engineering team skillfully blending our depth of multi-disciplinary technical expertise to achieve connected, innovative, efficient results. Our engineering and analytical rigor paired with our attention to detail during construction, enables us to produce practical, high-performance and sustainable buildings which are simple to maintain and affordable to operate.

Interior Design

Our NCIDQ certified designers unite and connect people, foster interactions, and ground us in a sense of place with each unique story we tell. We aim to create inspired environments that are unique and responsive to our client’s vision, the location, culture, and architecture. Working across a series of building typologies, we identify trends at their source, and apply them in a way to add value, improve, and enhance the experiences of the users of the space.

Specialty Services

Enduring Success. Our specialized expertise extends well beyond traditional architecture and engineering to make facilities, systems, and operations more environmentally reliable, resilient, and productive over their lifecycle. We work with organizations and institutions to create sustainable paths forward, connect buildings and infrastructure with the environment and communities. By maximizing facilities, we optimize energy efficiency, minimize operational cost, enhance environmental sustainability, and improve healthy and comfortable indoor environments.

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Facility Engineering

Confident and Compliant. Leveraging of data and analytics early in the process gives us a more comprehensive understanding of systems and operational models. This understanding establishes and documents criteria that will improve system performance and maintainability. Our solutions invoke confidence in accreditation and compliance programs, whether meeting energy objectives, code requirements, standards, executive orders, accessibility, or matters of safety. The K2M Facility specialists draw on their extensive practical backgrounds to help increase system performance, lower life cycle costs, reduce risk and liability, and institute repair/ replacement programs to improve environmental impact and business objectives.

K2M Design is a GSA Schedule Contract Holder on the Federal Supply Schedule.