As a kid, Alane’s parents owned a general construction and electrical contracting business in Chicago. When she was at the age to start working, she answered phones at their business all the way through college. Thus, general office administration work came easy to her. She then paired it alongside her passion for creating music and helping people, and started a music therapy business. After 20 years in music and small-business ownership, it was time to step away and explore other ways to continue helping people using her business-minded skills, which brought her to K2M. “Nurture Relationships” is K2M’s core value that speaks to her the most. She believes that our connections with others lead us to develop trust, which is essential to one’s growth – not only as a person but as a co-worker and employee.

Outside of work, Alane enjoys connecting with family and friends, and spending time outdoors while walking, jogging, or bike riding. She also loves to discover new restaurants. From time to time she enjoys a quiet night alone with a book or a puzzle and, of course, some music!