When the pull to leave the big city (NYC) became overwhelming, Heather moved to Key West and bought a 38-room guesthouse, which she owned and operated successfully for 13 years. After selling her business, she turned to real estate. As an active member of the community, Heather was encouraged to run for elected office and had the honor of serving as a Monroe County Commissioner for 12 years.

Marketing and business development at their core are about connecting people with products and services that provide them real benefits, real value. Heather is passionate about applying her varied skill set in marketing and communication to new endeavors with K2M, as she has done in publishing, advertising, hospitality and real estate.

“My unique experience in those arenas will help me rock it for K2M! I’m excited about the architecture, engineering, and design industry from the inside and being part of an organization that builds things.” Favorite K2M core value? “Be Good – it’s how I was raised, and how I’ve tried to live my life.”

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