Growing up, Eddie always loved to be outdoors and can still remember building a wooden fort in the empty lot next to his house. He remembers always having a fascination with construction projects and driving through the city of Miami in awe of the buildings and highways. Throughout his schooling, mathematics was his favorite subject and civil engineering seemed almost like a natural progression for his future. Eddie graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, and he couldn’t be more excited to begin his career in a field that was so interesting to him as a kid. K2M’s core value of “Be Good” speaks to him the most as it is something he believes everyone should live by, regardless of profession.

In his downtime, Eddie enjoys spending time with his dog Stella and taking her to parks and beaches. He also enjoy playing basketball and tennis. His personal hobby is fly-fishing, and he loves finding new flats to fish around Marathon.