Core Values

K2Mrs live by a set of Core Values that are unique to our organization, drive it forward, make it special, and bind us together. The K2M Core Values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide K2M’s actions and serve as its cultural cornerstones. We exhibit these values each and every day.

  • Be Good. We are growing an organization principled in integrity, resolute in culture, and prideful in our ability to foster trust. We set big goals and have high expectations of each other, but we are appreciative, grateful, and supportive through our accomplishments.
  • Go Forward. We have a fierce determination to organize for the future and create change through constant improvement in what we do. We are change agents and innovators.
  • Nurture Relationships. Our mission is about relationships. It’s the positivity of our interactions that build partnerships with our clients, our consultants, our people, and our community.
  • Learn & Lead. By sharing knowledge and experience with one another, we are capable of great things. As individuals, we strive to grow and learn from others on the team. We seek to inspire others and empower those around you. If you want to go far, go together.

What Makes Us Different?

At K2M there are two essentials: People and Projects. Our philosophy is simple, we take the best care of our people who take the best care of our projects – the Power of 2!

We think strategically, not just at the Leadership level, but throughout the firm. Empowerment is embedded in the DNA of our company. We strive to build relationships with our clients and each other that are based on trust and results. We live by our core values: Be Good, Go Forward, Nurture Relationships, Learn & Lead.

Our competitive advantages, when taken together, no other firm does what we do.

  • Culture: Principled in integrity, and resolute in culture. Our team prides itself of our unwavering commitments to our clients, our team members, and trusted partners.
  • Responsive with Solutions: Every connection is an opportunity to serve as a trusted advisor. We take pride bringing solutions to the table that are responsive to schedule and budget.
  • Fearless, Driven, Tenacious: We have a fierce determination to look towards the future, resulting in constant improvement in what we do. Led by experience, pushing the team to new heights, focused on doing the right thing.

Over the years, K2M has won Northcoast 99‘s Best Places to Work, Weatherhead 100‘s Fastest Growing Companies, and many other Design and Sustainability awards. We pride ourselves on Building Relationships Based on Trust and Results with our clients and with other K2Mrs.