As a creative person, RyLea was drawn to the world of architecture. She has a fascination with art, details, and the creative outlet this industry offers. At 22, she bought her first home, gutted & remolded it with her step-dad, then sold it five years later, fueling her creative side. Nurture Relationships is one of K2M’s core value’s that stands out to her. She strives to make a positive and trusting impact on people she meets. Without communication and a trusting relationship, she feels it can be hard to execute ideas and projects efficiently.

When RyLea was little, she specifically remembers being asked what she wanted to be when she was older. Her answer was, “Be an Architect.” While RyLea may not be an architect, she is now in the architect industry and is very excited to see what her future holds at K2M! She has a witty personality and a knack for helping others, whether it’s to help someone achieve their goals, problem solve or just be a listening ear. In her free time, you can find her sipping on coffee, loving on dogs, spur of the moment road tripping, and spending time with her loved ones.