Breaking into the A/E/C Industry was merely an accident. After pivoting from a direction towards fashion PR and moving back to her hometown, Gina landed a job with a small architectural firm specializing in K-12 design. She quickly gained an understanding of the good architecture can do to create thriving educational communities and a more sustainable future. “Being able to work alongside the creatives that shape the built environment is rewarding in itself, while I also enjoy playing a role in shaping the perception and appreciation of well-designed spaces beyond aesthetics.”

Gina is excited to be a member of a team that not only shares a passion for the work at hand and embodies the entrepreneurial sprit, but also prioritizes putting people at the center of everything they create. The “Be Good” principle becomes the foundation for success, as it’s the first step required for all else to fall into place. By fostering an empathetic process, not only can we better understand our team, but also gain a deeper understanding of our clients and best serve their needs.