Getting an idea patented is on Lori’s bucket list. “I love to come up with inventions,” she says. It’s no wonder that she’s motivated by K2M’s core value to Go Forward. “I am always looking at how we can make tasks more efficient, make services more relatable, and become influencers in our industry.” You could say the industry is in her blood. “My dad and his brother owned a construction company, so growing up I was surrounded by blueprints and construction sites.” Even when Lori played with Barbies as a young girl, she was most interested in designing homes and cities for them to live in. As a fifth grader, she got her career start when she helped renovate her parents’ home by laying out new floor plans and choosing the finishes, furniture, and lighting. Lori also gives back by volunteering at her daughter’s school and is ever ready for some healthy competition in darts, bowling, golf, basketball, or arcade games.