Mike decided he wanted to be an Architect in sixth grade and almost gave up on the dream after working for a one-man firm in New Jersey during college. He then joined a small A/E/CM firm in Columbus, which reinvigorated his passion for Architecture. “I really enjoy the feeling of stepping into a finished building that I collaborated on and seeing that it both satisfies the client’s desires and becomes a meaningful part of its environs.”

In looking at firms in the area, Mike saw that K2M’s culture and commitment to people and design matched his own passions. “I am excited to be involved in such a diverse practice, both geographically and project types.”

The core value that speaks to Mike most is “Be Good.” Years ago when he was interviewing with a firm, the president answered a question about their culture by saying, “If we do good design, take care of our people and take care of our clients, the rest takes care of itself.” Mike sees that same spirit in the core value of “Be Good,” which speaks to the kind of place where he wanted to work.

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