As a kid, and even now as an adult, David has enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work. He has been in the electrical field for over 16 years, and would consider it to be a hobby, not just a career. One of the core values that intrigues him at K2M is “Go Forward.” To him, that means creating change through constant improvement with innovation. David joined K2M to expand his horizons. He has worked in the field observing and learning not only electrical, his specialization, but other trades as well. His curiosity leads him to the design that goes into construction.

David never settled for typical jobs. When he became legally ready to hit the workforce, he worked at a semitruck wash and later worked at a Ford dealership detailing cars. After high school, David got into the residential/commercial electrical trade. He is passionate about everything he does. It helps him sleep at night knowing that safety is his top priority on every project.