Deanna’s creative passion stems from a life lesson she learned from a young age – to make something from nothing. “I grew up in a household where we made or upcycled a lot of what we needed. I watched my mom sew outfits for us and my dad renovate our house, build furniture, and make toys.” Deanna’s curiosity and knack for problem solving led to her interest in creating a built environment that’s not only beautiful but also functional and well suited for the end user. Deanna’s creativity finds a home with her work at K2M as well as through her hobbies: refinishing furniture, crafting, painting, and sketching. “I love sharing my hobbies with my children and watching their interests grow.” She and her husband are music buffs who enjoy concerts and learning new instruments. She’s also an outdoor enthusiast who stays active playing disc golf and ultimate frisbee along with hiking, biking, and swimming.