In 5th grade, Choli’s school started an architectural drawing class. Her guidance counselor told her she didn’t have an aptitude for it and she should stick to sciences where she was excelling. Choli decided then and there that she would be an Architect. She was laser focused from 11 years old on achieving that dream, including her desire to attend Carnegie Mellon. Choli is passionate about Architecture because of her ability to help people with the spaces, thus the society we create.

Choli is excited about the ability to work on a variety of project types. The core Value of Learn and Lead speaks to her the most. She has been a college professor in the past, and both of her parents are professors as well, she feels that as a profession we have a great responsibility to teach the next generation of architects. The ’08-’09 recession brought a huge loss talent in the profession, therefore a hole in the training of younger architects. Choli loves helping people and mentoring is a role that gives her great joy.