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The Statler Shines Bright in the Downtown Cleveland Landscape

The historic 15 story Statler Arms building went through a complete $14M renovation and conversion into a luxury apartment complex. Located near Cleveland’s Playhouse Square theater district, The Stater was restored to the grandeur of its historical past, as one of the most elegant hotels in the city. The rich and refined color palette turned […]

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K2M Design, the Culture Architect

Since its founding in 2001, K2M Design has created environments for businesses that are reflective of their vision, shared values, and desire to improve operational efficiencies by identifying the uniqueness of your business. We use our specialized Visioning process to learn: who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Through this process we […]

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Mobility in the Workplace

Commercial Office Design for Accumen Solutions, Cleveland, Ohio

Mobility within the workplace is the freedom to choose to be productive in spaces and places other than one’s desk, based on what will best suit the task to be performed. This flexibility has profound implications on the culture of a company, affecting how employees see their work and the value placed on it. These […]

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Office Hotelling

With the advent of mobility made possible by technology (smart phones, tablets and ever smaller laptops), there are greater opportunities for a flexible work environment. With technology, comes freedom from paper that has traditionally tied us to a fixed office – making possible the true paperless office environment. In reality, it has changed the very concept […]

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Taking a Top Down Approach to Company Culture

As a business owner, Scott Maloney has been a student of company culture for well over a decade. He has long been an early adopter of internal culture, and at K2M he has tested and implemented a variety of people-based strategies that best support our #1 asset – our people. Scott has studied great minds […]

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Top Trends in Workplace Design

Brandmuscle cafeteria

  The ways to engage your workforce within your office continues to expand. Building an environment that attracts the best people takes a space that provides flexibility, and choices for where, when, and how work happens in an office space. The newest trends in workplace design focus on people: bringing people together, giving people flexibility, and […]

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