Healthy Environments

Healthy Environments are not just devoid of toxins, it is the creation of a complete state of well-being, acknowledging all physical, mental and social forces. It is the quality of a space. This includes everything from air flow and lighting, to color and finishes, to scale and safety.

Healthy environments are engaging, offering a harmonious perspective on an otherwise chaotic state of operation. It requires all systems to work concurrently for the greater good and to maximize positive impact.

The benefits of healthy environmental design include improved health, stronger personal interactions, increased productivity, and the reduction in stress and anxiety.

Success Factors for Positive Impact in Healthy EnvironmentsK2M Design incorporates Healthy Environment principles in all our building projects. As designers, it is our obligation to positively impact the well-being and safety for the clients we serve, through responsible design. Our team of Architects, Engineers, and Interior Designers are nimble and collaborative, raising the bar of what health, safety and wellness looks like. We understand the systems, the products and the applications. It is what we do. We design healthy, safe environments.

Our Process: Health Impact Assessment

    • Identify existing conditions and expectations
    • Prioritize critical issues based on need and budget
    • Execute plan of action for deficiency corrections

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