K2M has been providing facility management and assessment services to clients for many years. Services such as general assessments, accessibility studies, building envelope and roofing evaluations, as well as many other facility condition assessments.


You can now find information on these services on our sister site,

  • Facility Condition Assessments – a thorough and comprehensive report to aid in the understanding of the condition of your facility
  • Deferred Maintenance Assessments – document existing facilities conditions to support the accountability reports, build and justify the annual budgets, and as a functional performance metric trended over time
  • Accessibility Assessments – comprehensive surveys of each existing facility, roadway and project site to determine levels of compliance
  • Post Occupancy Evaluations – type of facility conditions assessment that goes steps further than traditional building assessments and pre-occupancy systems commissioning
  • Single System Assessments – custom assessments of building systems and components based on your needs
  • Roofing Assessments – we have expansive knowledge of diverse roof types