OneK2M Team Building 2018

K2Mrs from across the country convened for our company-wide Team Building event in Indianapolis, K2M’s newest location. With K2M’s growth over the past couple of years, it was an important oportunity to get together as #OneK2M and grow our People connection!

The K2M team headed out on Thursday for a scavenger hunt and took some creative group pictures around the very walkable city of Indianapolis. Afterwards, everyone met up at City Hardware to focus on the Power of People! We enjoyed some informal getting to know you time, along with some fun, organized activities designed to grow the personal connection.

The next morning, we focused on the Power of Projects! We started the day with our quarterly State of the Company presentation and Townhall, where we discussed K2M’s history and vision forward. We learned more about our behind-the-scenes colleagues with Support Team Trivia, and then we got together in teams to build a #BRBOTAR! What’s that, you say?! K2M’s mission is to Build Relationships Based on Trust and Results (#BRBOTAR), the teams embodied this core value into their designs. Check out the pictures below to see our creative interpretations!

Finally, we had our first annual #BRBOTAR Awards. Nominations from colleagues poured in for K2Mrs who embody our core values and live our mission. We recognized 20 outstanding K2Mrs and awarded Annisa Davis with the highest honor. Congratulations Annisa! K2M wouldn’t be the same without you and all the other honorees!

A special thank you to our partners at CultureShoc for helping facilitate our event and also the venue City Hardware/Ritz Charles catering. The leftover food from our event was donated to the local homeless shelter, Wheeler Mission.