Maloney on the Move: Cuba

Scott Maloney with the MyEO Cuba group, attended the Feria Havana, an annual international trade fair where companies from nearly 40 different countries exhibited their brands and products that are desired by the Cuban government and its people. In addition to the fair, he was able to connect with a local architectural professor and real estate attorney discussing matters of architecture for the past 60 years on the island, the ability for foreign companies to work there, real estate issues, and general impressions of life in Havana. The professor, whose elders were also architects, had incredible knowledge in the development of “modern” Cuban architecture and planning considerations post revolution. This time here was an incredible experience and a great way to begin building relationships with the people poised for change. A special thank you to friends Raul and Cristina for making this all possible.

K2M’s interests lie just 90 miles away with our three offices in the Florida Keys. In the US we’ve been able to work on preparatory projects relating to travel between our borders, including multiple Ferry and Custom terminals. We’d like to continue that work in Cuba. As our relationships grow locally, K2M will be poised to support projects between governments, industry, and tourism as we have for the past 15 years.

Go Forward!