Maloney on the Move: Amsterdam

Another trip with Entrepreneurs’ Organization, this time Scott is in Amsterdam!

Check out some snaps from his trip below, but before you do here are a couple of quick facts about Amsterdam: The homes you can see on the canal are narrow and tall because the taxes at the time were based the width of the property.  Also, most buildings lean forward towards a street and have a giant hook at the roof line.  That is so they can hoist furniture up without hitting the building!  Creative Dutch people.

Finally across Amsterdam you can find a symbol with XXX on it.  One popular theory is that the X’s stand for the three chief perils that the city of Amsterdam once faced: floods, fire, and the Black Death. Another theory holds that the crosses were taken from the shield of the family Persijn, and refer to three of the family’s properties: Amsterdam, Ouder-Amstel, and Nieuwer-Amstel (present-day Amstelveen) amongst all other more modern interpretations. 🙂