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  1. K2M Interior Design Services

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    Our NCIDQ certified designers unite and connect people, foster interactions, and ground us in a sense of place with each unique story we tell. We aim to create inspired environments that are unique and responsive to our client’s vision, the location, culture, and architecture. Working across a series of building typologies, we identify trends at their source, and apply them in a way to add value, improve, and enhance the experiences of the users of the space.

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  2. Cheers to 22 Years!

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    Today marks a significant milestone for K2M Design as we celebrate 22 years of excellence! We’re grateful for the incredible projects, partnerships, and growth that have shaped our journey, and we’re excited to continue designing spaces that inspire and transform communities. Our specialty services and facility engineering teams work with organizations and institutions to create compliant, sustainable paths connecting buildings and infrastructure with the environment and communities.

    Thank you to our amazing team and clients for your unwavering support! Here’s to many more years of innovation and creativity! 🥂

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  3. Generator Design Services

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    K2M has designed many coastal Florida emergency generators for over 100+ different owners and sites including local, state, and federal government entities and commercial users. We are highly familiar with the latest requirements of NFPA 70-2017: National Electrical Code (NEC) and NFPA 110-2016: Standard For Emergency and Standby Power Systems. We have designed emergency power systems in the harshest coastal environments and designed systems to 500-year storm events, up to 220 mph wind load, and 10 days of operational capacity.  K2M is your design expert for coastal emergency power generation.

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  4. Community Impact Through Resilient Design

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    K2M specializes in resilient design, enabling communities to adapt, reduce harm, and recover efficiently from natural disasters, physical trauma, and social challenges. We assist organizations, institutions, and government entities in developing proactive design and capabilities for managing and responding to hazards and risks. By considering the relationships between infrastructure, facilities, the environment, and communities, we implement sustainable mitigation solutions to minimize disaster impacts, and provide increased robustness for future events.


  5. K2M Design Energy Master Planning Services

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    K2M specializes in offering comprehensive services that integrate energy management consulting with clients’ capital plans, design standards, and strategic goals to reduce maintenance, capital, and energy costs while enhancing comfort and productivity. Through detailed cost estimates, lifecycle cost analysis, and cash flow models, we provide economic justification for energy projects while identifying grant opportunities and alternative funding sources. We also prioritize and coordinate energy programs and renewable energy solutions with capital master plans seeking synergies between energy conservation measures and planned projects to optimize funding streams.