When Will was a kid sitting in church, his parents used to give him paper and a pencil to keep him quiet.  He would draw houses and the landscapes around them. As soon as he was out of school, he applied at an architectural firm where he cut his teeth for 17 years until joining the K2M team.  Will has experience in many different disciplines and areas, which gives him the tools to be successful, both personally and professionally.  When Will’s not at work, he enjoys being active outside and enjoying his 2 ½ year old son who is his best bud! Will encourages his curiosity and loves to see and hear his perspective of the world. Will enjoys seeing live music and cheering on his beloved Razorbacks *Woooo Pig Soe!!!* Fun fact about Will: the first time he ever set foot on an airplane, he jumped out at 10,000 feet up, but before they opened the door of the plane, they flew through a cloud and let him run his hand through it while hanging out of the door.