Tanya Oldja, CAD Manager, LEED AP BD+C, K2M Design

Tanya’s interest in both computers and drawing is what led her to the field of drafting and design. “I find drafting very therapeutic, and I get a sense of satisfaction when I complete a set of construction documents – especially when the client is happy!” she says. Tanya also enjoys organizing and helping others, skills which lent themselves naturally to her work as she stepped into the role of CAD manager. She’s learned a lot from her co-workers and enjoys tackling the issues that arise as well as working to come up with the best solutions to make the team as productive as possible.

The variety of the projects, along with keeping up with the latest technology, help make her job interesting and challenging. “K2M has provided an environment that has allowed me to grow and excel in what I do best!” she says. “My favorite K2M core value is ‘Be Good.’ In my opinion, it’s the most important one, and really incorporates all the other core values. It’s honestly much easier said than done, and can be summed up as the Golden Rule: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’”