Matthew has always been a creative, resourceful, hands-on, and “think outside the box” guy. As a kid, he and his friends would find wood scraps to build forts. As a Cub Scout, he discovered his career path during a drafting adventure and a sixth-grade shop class. Matthew continued earning drafting and architecture merit badges along the way toward becoming an Eagle Scout. In college, his instructor asked, “If you had a million dollars, what would you do to keep busy?” His answer: “Architecture.” Matthew is grateful for the opportunity to create in the world. “Whether it’s a guard house or an airport, I love the process of design and the chance to put it to ‘paper,’” he says. Outside of his day job, Matthew likes woodworking, metalworking, fixing vehicles, and Jeeping! An outdoors, camping, and sports enthusiast, he’s also happy staying in for movie and family time with his six children and three grandchildren.