Jason took a mechanical drafting class in Middle School and it was the first “art” class he ever enjoyed, since he admits he’s not good at free-hand art.  Then his Senior year in High School, he took a design course and learned how to use computer aided 3D modeling to create a custom house.  This was the beginning of his interest and passion for building design.  Jason’s excellence in math and science, combined with his design interest, led him to pursue a degree in engineering. His favorite K2M core value is “Be Good”.  Jason says, “I was raised with strong values where trust and respect is both expected and deserved. K2M ‘s ‘Be Good’ values align with how I like to work.” When not designing a building, Jason thoroughly enjoys the game of golf.  He feels many aspects of the game flow over into life, like taking on a challenge that requires mental discipline and accuracy, as well as building camaraderie with others, and with golf, the bonus of being outdoors!