As a child Annisa was very artistic, spending hours sketching, and reading. A friend of her father’s, who was a respected mechanical engineer became instrumental in her choice of career path as an adult. He would have her visit his office to see current projects and speak with his team. Annisa remembers all the sets of plans, drafting tables and employees focused on meeting deadlines. Working as a team they planned to accomplish something unique and visionary. It was all she could think about, and it would consume her thoughts during the day. Those moments were the defining factors in her future. Annisa remember him saying, “Use that wisdom inside you to make choices and decisions that make change happen. Anything can be acquired if you believe, work hard, have effective reasoning, and are honest. Be trustworthy.”

So here she is, with K2M, doing exactly what she dreamed of as a child. She gets to “draw” all day, work with a really amazing team, and produce something that positively affects people every day. She is exactly where she wants to be.