Even as a child Amy was drawn to design. While playing Barbies, she spent more time setting up their houses then playing with the Barbies themselves. As she got older, Amy would sometimes spend evenings daydreaming about how she would someday re-design and fix their house, while perusing through Architectural Digest and critiquing the spreads. When in college, she happened to have a roommate her Freshman year who was studying Interior Design and was awestruck to find that what she was doing was actually homework! Amy was thrilled to learn she could actually do those things for a living! Amy is still passionate about design because it is just innate for her. There is so much design can do to make peoples lives better, even if they don’t know it, simply just by enjoying a meal in a well-lit, intriguing or beautiful environment. Design impacts the soul.

One of the reasons, Amy joined K2M is because of the focus on people and relationships. Not only for the clients sake, but also for those that make up the company. “I am excited to work in an environment that seems to genuinely strive to meet their core values, and not just be flashy words on a website for marketing purposes. Nurture relationships speaks to me first because in the end everyone just wants to feel validated and valued. If this can really be put into practice through every interaction then the possibilities are endless.”