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Fast Company: Ohio Reformatory for Women Dormitory

The new dormitory facility at the Ohio Reformatory for Women was designed to take a more humane approach to incarceration, reducing recidivism while providing hope for the future. The facility offers numerous programs supporting these rehabilitation efforts including; training service dogs, horticulture certification, and greyhound rehabilitation. Each program is designed to give the female inmates […]

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Allen County’s New Juvenile Justice Facility Brings New Face to Juvenile Justice

K2M Design® and Allen County partner for success Fall 2019 – K2M Design was privileged to provide architecture, design and engineering for the recently opened Allen County Juvenile Justice Facility. The relationship with Allen County began years ago when K2M Design was retained to provide a complete facility assessment and planning study to help reshape […]

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K2M Awarded NASA IDIQ for Third Consecutive Term

K2M Design was recently awarded another IDIQ contract with NASA. The team has been privileged to partner with NASA at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland and Plum Brook Station, in Sandusky, Ohio. The contract provides NASA design services to rehabilitate, repair, construct, modify, or demolish research and institutional facilities within both Centers. Over the […]

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ACA Winter Conference 2019

Scott Moore, AIA, K2M Design’s Correctional Practice Group Leader, recently attended the 2019 American Correctional Association (ACA) Winter Conference in New Orleans, LA. Upon his return, he was excited to share the latest news and insight from the corrections industry. The conference incorporated various correctional business segments such as, public and private owners, national and […]

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City of Key West Truman Waterfront Park Phase 1B

K2M Design and the City of Key West have had a long-standing partnership working together on a collection of projects, most recently Truman Waterfront Phase 1B. Previously completed, Phase 1A of the Truman Waterfront redevelopment included an amphitheater, park, and water park. Phase 1B includes renovation of a service building and the police equestrian facilities […]

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ACA Winter Conference Recap 2017

Scott Moore, one of K2M Design’s Correctional Practice Group Leaders, attended the 2017 American Correctional Association (ACA) Winter Conference in San Antonio, TX and upon his return the entire Correctional Practice group was excited to share the  latest news and insight in the corrections industry. The conference incorporates various business segments such as owners, both public […]

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Trends in Government Facility Design in 2017

The HOK and K2M team are currently in design development for the Circleville Juvenile Detention Facility

As we enter 2017, it’s important to reflect on years past, looking into how design philosophy has evolved and where we see those philosophies in design moving in coming years. We understand the challenges associated with government entities moving slowly when change is needed, but we are optimistic with the movements afoot that are revolutionizing […]

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Corrections: A look into the Near Term (Future)

Seneca county youth center corridor

Throughout the downturn, there was a significant contraction in the number of correctional projects, which spurred consolation and retraction in the industry. As the economy improved, a litany of much needed projects are brought to the forefront. These changes have led to monumental pressure in the industry that will impact everyone. When Scott Maloney first started in correctional design […]

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