Vinay Mathews, Architect. K2M Design, Cleveland, Ohio

Vinay Mathews is a former intern who has rejoined K2M. “In 2008 and 2009, I had the privilege of interning at K2M while getting my Bachelor’s degree. Over the 6 months that I was with the firm, I formed lasting relationships with a number of fantastic people, and I was constantly challenged in many ways. Fast forward to 2015 and the circumstances of life led me back to the Cleveland/Akron area, although I am originally from and was currently living in Texas! My first thought, when I learned that I would be moving back, was to catch up with everyone at K2M and to see if I could rejoin the team, and after some time, that became a reality that is proving to be extremely edifying.”

If Vinay could meet anyone he would love to meet Jesus Christ. Vinay feels that Jesus is the “perfect example of the power of humility, love, and dedicate to build strong and lasting relationships.”

The newly married Vinay will tell you that the best traveling experience he has had was a recent backpacking trip that he and his wife of two months took on the Appalachian Trail. While trucking along the trail over many mountains and through the woods (ha!) people were always astonished to see his wife willingly following him along on such a rugged adventure. Little did they know that it was actually her idea, and he was just there to help her realize it! “It was a challenging and wonderful experience that we consider to be worth at least a year of marriage. We carried everything we needed in backpacks and hiked 100 miles in Georgia and North Carolina, and we plan on completing the entire trail (~2100 miles) in our lifetime!”