In high school, Nick thought he wanted to be an architect, but after looking into the nature of the work and what it involved he decided he was better suited for structural engineering and never really looked back. Nick loves structural engineering as it allows him to use analytical skills to solve problems for the benefit of mankind. It is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world, seeing a project completed that will be the place where people live or work for years to come. As far as interests go: Nick loves to travel. Recently, he took a series of vacations to Europe; Paris and Barcelona on the first trip and the Madrid, Valencia, and Munich on the second – he has a special affinity for Spain. Currently, he is in the process of planning a trip to Japan, and a another to go backpacking in Patagonia. Nick also enjoy fly-fishing and spending a couples of weekends every year camping in Pennsylvania doing that (though they are largely unsuccessful).