Joe’s favorite thing about being part of K2M is the diversity of work and professionals. “It is not too often that you can be working on a single family residential home made out of timber construction one day and then be designing a 10,000 square foot metal hangar style warehouse the next. We have a great group of people and resources with a diverse portfolio of experiences.” Joe joined K2M to expand his architectural mind. “K2M gives me a great opportunity to work on projects that will not only allow me to become a better architect but to also find out where I belong in this big world of Architecture.”

Joe’s inspiration to become an architect came at a very young age. Living right outside of Manhattan he could see the New York skyline from his bedroom window. That view was always inspiring to him. As a typical boy he had a knack for building things and enjoyed Legos, erector sets, and such. So one day he told his mom he wanted to build buildings. Her response of “like an architect” was his first glimpse into the world but he knew it was what he wanted to do and has known ever since.